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About Us 

Founded in 2006, Optik Auto quickly became the leader in the automotive industry. Specializing in one brand, Optik Auto was able to offer its customers high quality vehicles at unbeatable prices. The reason why Optik Auto has chosen Infiniti as its preferred brand is due to their robustness, quality and superior design.

With Optik Auto you can leave with your new Infiniti in complete peace of mind because all our vehicles are repair to perfection. Our qualified staff works diligently on your Infiniti and ensures that even the smallest details are taken into consideration. Each car passes a rigorous inspection by the SAAQ to ensure that your car is 100% secure and well repaired.

All our vehicles are sold with a guarantee to assure you leave without worries. You have questions? We have answers. Do not hesitate to call us with any questions. At Optik Auto we offer a professional high quality service. Hundreds of satisfied customers, when is your turn?